Curious Info About The World's Geography

Curious Info About The World's Geography

Our modern world has a lot to supply when it comes to fascinating things, especially from geographic point of view. Be happy to read the next information:

- Because the proclamation of its independence in 1825, Bolivia had passed by more than a hundred seventy five revolutions, thus making it one of the vital politically unstable nation in the world.

The total length of the Pan-American Highway is forty seven,958 km (29,800 mi) and it stretches from Prudhoe Bay in Alaska to Ushuaia in Argentina.

- 76% of the population of New Zealand lives on its North Island.

With an area of 1,717,854 square km (663,268 sq mi), Alaska is the most important US State, but its population of 722,718 represents only zero,002% of the total US population.

- The Mediterranean island of Malta has a mean of 300 sunny days per year.

- 15% of the total area of Sweden lies north of the Artic Circle.

- Situated at an altitude of 3,490 metres (11,450 ft), Lhasa, the capital of the Chinese Autonomous Area of Tibet, is without doubt one of the highest metropolis in the world.

The muslim group in India has about 177 million individuals thus representing the third largest muslim group on the earth, after Indonesia and Pakistan.

Standing at more than 4 million individuals, the turkish neighborhood in Germany is the second largest after the one in Turkey itself.

- More than half the world of Saudi Arabia is represented by deserts.

- There are about 1240 planes that land or take off daily to or from London Heathrow Airport.

- Having 600 km of ski pistes, Les 3 Valléesin France is the world largest ski resort.

- The California beaches get 567 million guests annually and Miami Beach has about 21 million visitors per year.

- The Son Doong Collapse Vietnam was first revealead to the public in 2009 and it is considered the most important cave in the world.

- The Rhine-Meuse-Scheldt deltaport area consists of 5 ports from the Netherlands and Belgium and it is the third busiest port area by gross cargo tonnage handled.

- The San Francisco Bay Area has eight toll bridges that cross the bay.

- The Indian rail network is the fourth largest rail network in the world with a total size of 64,015 kilometres (39,777 mi) and it has over 10 billion passengers annually.

- The highest amount of snow ever fallen in one 12 months was 31.1 meters (102 ft) and it occurred in 1971-1972 on Mount Rainier, Washington.

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