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 1. Tank

2. STAG controller

3. Gas injectors

4. Solenoid valve

5. LPG/Petrol switch with indicator

6. PS 02 pressure sensor

7. Gas filter /volatile phase/

8. Reducer




lpg conversion centreIt all starts with finding and buying the correct LPG kit for your car. Profess LPG LTD has been converting vehicles to LPG in UK since 2004 but our experience goes back to 1980s.

We are direct importers of AC STAG LPG kits - one of the best in the world. Thanks to our long standing relationship with the manufacturers and the large numbers of kits purchased on a regular basis we enjoy unprecedented levels of support and influence in the manufacturing and design of these kits. We import directly from the factory using our own dedicated transport.

No other LPG installing company in UK buys such large amounts of LPG equipment, no other company enjoys such support from the manufacturers.

We don't use scare tactics, we don't tell people that other companies are bad, we don't spend hours on forums writing made up stories - we are far too busy for that! We serve almost 1000 customers every year and we are proud to be the best.

So what happens when you bring your vehicle to Profess LPG LTD?


1We inspect the vehicle and discuss your requirements - positioning of the tank and its size and shape, positioning of the switch and fuelling point which we can make as discrete as you want it to be as long as it is safe to do so


2We fit protective covers over the seats - just to make sure it all stays clean



3You get the keys to our FREE courtesy car



4Every car is different, even the same models can have different equipment which means different electrical layouts - as we convert many cars there are not many electrical layouts we have not yet seen



51 technician starts the mechanical installation and 1 or 2 start the electronics installations, every completed step is inspected by a supervisor to ensure safety and quality standards are maintained and no decision is made by one technician alone - we work as a team


6Final assembly - we run copper pipe next to the brake lines from the LPG tank to connect it to the engine, at this stage all components are connected and another quality check is performed



7Once the final check is completed we begin initial tests and set up, once those are completed we calibrate and map the new LPG ECU and once the car is ready we take it for a road test - usually no longer than 30 miles



8After the road test we re-calibrate the ECU if it is required and ask the customer to take the car for a road test



9We show you how to safely refuel your car



10Once that is completed we shake hands and send another happy customer home


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